Campaign Case Study: Food & Drink Marketing on Facebook

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If you're looking to generate leads from coffee shops, restaurants or even hotels, have a read of this case study

One of Online Growth Guru’s clients has a portfolio of business successes behind them.

They had just bought a medium sized food business that distributes to foodservice operators.

The new owner has invested in his new venture. and now needs to make it work.

One of the first things they did when he took over as CEO was bring in a fresh team member to do business development. The idea was to help the general manager with growth.

Building the audience

When Jon, his new BDM, started it was a tough slog for him to build a portfolio of prospects.
Upon review, the owner knew they needed some assistance to bring in more leads from the foodservice sector, such as coffee shops and restaurants.

He’d heard Facebook Marketing could be a great avenue of leads. Partly because he could target specific business owners who are page admins.

Keep reading to see how they made a success of their B2B leads.

He knew that you could get thousands of impressions and be very specific when targeting decision makers in foodservice.

Based on forecasts provided by our team, they said “let’s go for it”. Then, after looking at our foodservice sector map he picked out exactly who he wanted to target.

Through our Facebook paid advertising service, they have brought in in new clients from all over the North West. Including Manchester, Cumbria and Liverpool.

“We’re getting leads from lots of different types of businesses since linking Facebook to our ecommerce strategy” says the owner

In terms of ad creativites, the owner decided to use the video that our team had recorded for them as part of their BBC Good Food marketing campaign. That saved them from incurring additional costs.

Here are 3 ways that our Social Media Paid Advertising Service helped achieve the client’s goals.

#1 Targeting people who had already been on the website

Because our team had set up the Facebook tracking code about 12 months previous, the client now had all their website visitors saved as an audience in Facebook. It could be used at their disposal.

By targeting people who had already been on the website, they knew there was a better chance of converting into a lead and then (hopefully) a sale.

#2 Creating a look-a-like audience

The client had been using Online Growth Guru’s email & content marketing service for a good couple of years.

When they heard from our team that he could use his database of emails to have a lookalike audience created in Facebook, he was enthused.

Within hours, they had an additional 400,000 people with a high chance of being interested in his products and their top-rated services.

#3 Targeting Page Admins of Foodservice Accounts

They already knew about this one. Although needed someone to implement it and he trusted in our food marketing team.

Our team went away and drafted up a plan. It showed which page admins would be best to target.

“We have a brilliant product and excellent service. When we attract decision makers, they often realise our passion and turn into long-term customers”.

Marketing to foodservice page admins meant they were only showing his targeting the most relevant business owners with their Facebook ads.

#4 Tracking the results and building on what works.

By creating KPIs and multiple adverts, they got a clear view of what was working and what wasn’t.

Ultimately, his main interest was cost per acquisition – he didn’t need detail.

So, we worked hard to significantly reduce the cost per lead. It meant stopping the adverts that proved to be soaking up cash. It also meant going all in, on ads that proved to be working.

All in all, by having us do the deep data analysis, he generated consistent leads throughout each month.

His team felt secure in their job and he was delighted.

If you want to test our team on delivering your foodservice advertising, get in touch today.

Online Growth Guru works with food and beverage businesses to help them grow through the power of digital marketing.

Test our team by letting them join in with you to create your food marketing plans and digital vision.

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