Case Study : SEO Ranking, Google Ads & Content for Lawn Feed Online

When the owner of the Relentless Gardener approached us and explained how he had a project that was food but not the type of food someone eats, we were intrigued.

Turned out it was actually Lawn Feed. He wanted s to help get up the rankings for some of theh key words they were targeting.

We first compared it to REAL food and thought –

  • It is a consumable, so people will come back for more.
  • There are loads of expert content opportunities, which will help generate traffic
  • We already knew some people who might link to their website.

So we took the project on and were delighted that we did in the end. Here’s why:

Search Engine Optimisation

We started by adding lots of content to the product pages in a bid to rank high for very specific search terms.

This worked a treat. Within 2 months, the website was on the front page for pre-turf fertiliser.

Within a couple more months, the website was ranking on the front page for ‘liquid seaweed for lawns’ a super popular product which will prove very lucrative as the Summer approaches.

As of this writing, there’s still a bit of work before ranking on the front page for some of the broader, high volume searches but the website now ranks for nearly 1,000 search terms in the top 100 and that’s after just 3 months. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s what ewe added to the products…

Between 500 and 750 words with headers that included the search terms. We also added a accordian which answered some of the more frequently asked questions about each individual product. This is proving to be highly valuable in ranking for much longer tail search terms

Google Ads

Google Ads can be an amazing source of traffic and sales. It has proven just that for TRG ‘s Lawn feed & Fertiliser products.

We started by launching Google Shopping, which gave us great visibility for in-season products, like Autumn and eventually, Winter products.

Text Ads were also a fantastic back up for promoting the website and generating traffic and leading to more new customers every day.

Blog Content

ALso known as power pages, we set out to create some thought leadership pieces on the blog. Focusing on ‘how to’ style writing and unbiased explanations of whether different products would be a good fit for different peoples gardening style. In particular those who wanted a

We will hopefully look at getting some references in the larger magazines and publications, such as or

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